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eBay Charity Guide

The eBay Charity platform provides a toolset to simplify donations to The Trevor Project and reach the largest potential audience.

This makes our auctions officially verified charity listings (marked by a ribbon icon), waives all listing fees, and 100% of the profits will automatically go directly to The Trevor Project.

Become a Fundraiser or a Partner

Ready to become an Official Participant?

Participant Signup

Create Your Charity Listing

Go to the charity portal here: and click the favorite button. If you are not already signed into eBay it will ask you to do so now.

ebay setup guide screenshot 1

Underneath the banner click the Sell For Charity “Learn More” button.

ebay setup guide screenshot 2

Scroll down, near the bottom of the page find the “Sell Now” button and click on it.

On the right side of the screen, select the “List an Item” button.

Start your listing by searching for the category. Suggestions: Space Marine 40k, Toy Miniatures, Miniatures D&D

ebay setup guide screenshot 3

You can narrow down the category for improved search results; while encouraged, this is not required and may click “Continue Without Match”

Name the listing, upload pictures, provide detailed information, and fill out the entire form to list your model on eBay as normal.

Remember to use the keywords Fabulous Marines in the description and #FabulousMarines in the name of the listing

Scroll down until you find the box “Donate a Portion to Charity,” and select it.

ebay setup guide screenshot 4

A drop-down menu will appear for donation percentage, select 100%. The charity name should automatically put your favorite charities at the top of the list. If this function is not working, type in Trevor Project.

Double-check you have entered everything correctly, The Trevor Project is selected at 100% donation, then list your Fabulous Marine!

Promote the Auction

Add Your Auction to the Website

To have your auction featured on the Fabulous Marines website send an email to

Title your email: “Fabulous Marines eBay Listing” followed by your display name

Include in the email the following:

  • URL to the eBay listing
  • auction end date
  • your alias/display name
  • 1 square-cropped photo, at least 300px, of the artwork in the listing

Note: while the website will only use 1 photo, use as many as you want on the eBay listing

If you would like to have a custom Fabulous Marines url for your listing, mention it in your email as well.

Spread the Word

Finally, let people know about your auction.

Discord: Promote your listing in the auctions-and-raffles channel

Social Media: Use #FabulousMarines and we’ll share it on our platforms

Livestream Overlay: Fabulous Marines provides official streamers a widget that rotates through images of currently active auctions and raffles. Their use of this is optional.

Why We’re Doing This

The Trevor Project launch has worked to build a safer, more-inclusive world for the past twenty-five years. Their crisis counselors are trained to answer calls, chats, or texts from LGBTQ+ young people who reach out on a free, confidential hotline when they are struggling with issues such as coming out, LGBTQ+ identity, depression, and suicide. They also provide education, peer support, legal advocacy, and other tools, all in pursuit of their vision of a world where all LGBTQ+ young people see a bright future for themselves.

Many Fabulous Marines participants wish they had a resource like The Trevor Project when they were growing up and figuring things out. We understand the importance of helping people with feeling accepted and offering guidance during the turmoil of figuring things out about themselves and their relationships with others.

Additionally, we know the value of having resources available to help understand how best to support loved ones. We believe education on the topics of sexualities and genders is necessary for the entirety of the community as a whole, allies and LGBTQ+ folks alike.

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