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Official Fundraising

By signing up to be an official participant you can help our community raise money for the Trevor Project.

All official participants get these benefits:

  • Join the Discord!
  • Promotion on official social media accounts
  • Personalized support
  • Listings on website

Auctions & Raffles

Auction or raffle off whatever you wish to transparently raise money for The Trevor Project and have the amount added to the community goal!

Content Creation

Whether your community is on Twitch, YouTube, Social Media, or a Podcast, your championship of the cause makes a difference!

Company Partnership

Do you want to donate to The Trevor Project in honor of the Fabulous Marines initiative? There are options for doing so!

Local Event

Local gaming stores and hobby gatherings are the heart of the community; where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

Guidelines for Participation

Does It Have To Be A Games Workshop Model?

Nope! Although the event is named Fabulous Marines, any model can be made fabulous. Busts, animal companions, valorous knights, pride-themed terrain, digital art, and more are all welcome to join the virtual pride parade.

The event originally got its name during community discussions about promoting inclusivity in the wargaming community, and the name stuck.

What about the Weapons?

Since our marines will be prancing down the digital pride parade, you are encouraged to make their weapons a bit less threatening and more fun.

Here are some ideas for stylizing or converting your weapons:

  • Guns: confetti canons, bubble gun, silly string shooter, bedazzled, nerf guns
  • Swords: rainbow power swords, glow sticks, light sabers, wands, flags, canes

Any rules or etiquette?

Other than adhering to TOS, we ask that you be mindful of the words you choose when promoting the event. We're doing our best to make this a positive experience, so please avoid starting a fight with people who don't share our views. If you have someone trying to pick a fight, don't engage them. Report hate speech and block the user.

A phrase we've always found helpful to tell people: “We don't do that here"

It isn't confrontational, and simply sets rules and boundaries. If they push back in defense, the easiest response is "Sure, but we don't do that here." Remember that there's power in your words. We set examples for others in a hundred different ways in every interaction. Make it a positive one!

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Can I Participate As An Ally?

Our allies are encouraged to participate - we need your support to make/prove the wargaming and mini painting communities can be safe spaces for LGBTQ+.

A united community makes the strongest impact.

I Have More Questions!

Take a look at our FAQ! We consolidated all of our general info there with links to find in-depth answers.

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