Our Values

The Mission of Fabulous Marines is to promote acceptance and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community in our miniature painting and tabletop gaming spaces.

How do we achieve this mission?

  • By making coordinated and concentrated efforts to encourage acceptance in our hobby spaces.
  • And by driving funding to The Trevor Project, which offers tools and resources to the LGBTQ+ community

Our Values are simple: Acceptance, Diversity, and Transparency

Acceptance of all Sexualities and Genders:

We believe in creating a safe and inclusive space where all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are embraced and respected.

  • Fabulous Marines creators will create spaces where it is safe for anyone to be themselves, without expectation or judgment.
  • We will promote healthy discourse in our spaces.
  • And we will not tolerate hate in any of its forms in the spaces we care for.

Diversity in Work and Play:

We celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences that diversity brings. As artists and creators we know that art and people’s hearts are both served better when we delight in the differences between us.

  • Fabulous Marines will embrace diversity of thought and opinions within the organization.
  • We will strive for representation and equal opportunity within the spaces we create.
  • We will encourage open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, fostering an environment where diverse viewpoints are respected and valued.

Transparency and Responsibility:

We will always act with the utmost care and humility. We acknowledge the weight of trust that is being placed in us to always use our resources to do as much good as possible. We will be clear and honest in all our communication.

  • Fabulous Marines will never handle funds on behalf of donors, but rather will arrange for them to go directly from the donor to the Trevor Foundation.
  • We will perform our due diligence in order to ensure that no unnecessary fees or costs are incurred on donations through any platform we utilize.
  • We will make every effort to ensure our communications both internal and external are clear and never misleading.

Contact the Team

If you would like to learn more, contact members of the core team on the Contact page.


Why We're Doing This

The Trevor Project launch has worked to build a safer, more-inclusive world for the past twenty-five years. Their crisis counselors are trained to answer calls, chats, or texts from LGBTQ+ young people who reach out on a free, confidential hotline when they are struggling with issues such as coming out, LGBTQ+ identity, depression, and suicide. They also provide education, peer support, legal advocacy, and other tools, all in pursuit of their vision of a world where all LGBTQ+ young people see a bright future for themselves.

Many Fabulous Marines participants wish they had a resource like The Trevor Project when they were growing up and figuring things out. We understand the importance of helping people with feeling accepted and offering guidance during the turmoil of figuring things out about themselves and their relationships with others.

Additionally, we know the value of having resources available to help understand how best to support loved ones. We believe education on the topics of sexualities and genders is necessary for the entirety of the community as a whole, allies and LGBTQ+ folks alike.

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